Rockwell Hardness Tester In IndiaHardness Tester is one of the widely used precision measuring instruments, which has a great demand in a number of industries as it is used to perform the hardness testing of the materials like Metal, Plastic, Ceramic, and Fiberglass, etc. For sure you heard it million of times that hardness tester is very easy to use, but do you know the actual working of the instrument? Do, you know how to use this instrument to generate accurate results? Well, if you don’t, so, here we are to help you out. Being the topmost Hardness Tester Manufacturers, here we share simple guide that helps you use the instrument in a right way to generate accurate results.

  • During the initial preparation, make sure the device on which you want to perform the test is located in a position, where no vibration is present.
  • After that, you need to select the penetrators and test blocks to use the right instrument for generating accurate results in no time.
  • Set up the tester and apply the minor pressure load to the penetrators.
  • Set the barrel dial and after setting that you need to apply the major load and it will generate results quickly.
  • The hardness tester barrel dial indicates two points and you just need to take the reading and it’s done. In case of digital hardness tester, reading displays on the screen, you just need to write down it and other steps remain the same.

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