Surface Roughness TesterThe importance of precision measuring tools is increasing rapidly as all industries are concerned on providing the world with the great infrastructures, which are meant to remain for a long period. India Tools & Instruments Co. is the highly demanded Surface Roughness Tester Manufacturers in India and the global market areas to ace the innovations and most recent technologies at once. We are making the world better with the most precise range of measuring tools and instruments for industrial applications.

Surface Roughness Tester – A Device To Avoid The Slip

In metal and non-metal industries, the hardness and roughness testing through the non-destructive methods is getting immensely popular for providing reliable and fast results besides the accuracy. There are many methods of testing the material but non-destructive ones are favorite among all, they are fast and do not harm the sample anyhow. As the name of the device suggests Surface Roughness Tester is used to regulate the slipperiness of the floor while evaluating the values. Roughness measurement is the most basic thing that is required to check the safety of the floor In Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Public Transport Networks and in all Local Authorities.

We are serving the industries with the most creative range of the products as being the most renowned Hardness Tester Manufacturers across the national and the international market areas. Since 1975, we are here to help you with all the applications no matter what industry you are serving. To know more about us or to place your orders for the huge bulks just leave your enquiries in the inbox.

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