Caliper Thickness Gauge is also known as the Paper Thickness Gauge because it is mainly used for the purpose of measuring the thickness of Paper, Film, Wire and more. As it is used to measure a number of items, thus, these are light in weight and very sturdy in construction to work with all the different materials. These may usually available with a shock-proof dial that has a dCaliper Thickness Gaugesifferent range and helps to measure the thickness accurately. It is very easy to use because of its simple design and is light in weight, which makes them a portable option. Caliper Thickness Gauge Manufacturers will offer the instrument in different specifications to meet all your requirements.

The instrument has a number of benefits to offer and is available in Analogue and Digital models, so, you can pick the best one as per your industry requirements. It has a casting stand that ensures its long life without any distortion. And because of their casting stand, you can use it as a table model or a portable one. The analogue model of the caliper thickness gauge will give you the accurate results in mm range and the digital one display the results on the monitor screen. A dead weight is provided for correct measurement and you should give it a try to get assured about the quality of the paper.

From the above, now you know all the benefits of caliper thickness gauge. Pick your phone and place your order for this instrument to the leading Optical Measuring Instruments Manufacturers, India Tools & Instruments Co. As we have a great reputation in the industry, so, we always deliver you the innovative and inexpensive solution that satisfy your needs and take care of our brand image in the market. You can contact us on the given numbers to place your order or to know more about our complete range of precision measuring instruments that are available in different specifications.

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