A Clinometer is a measuring instrument that is used for measuring the elevation of slopes. It is used in a number of professions and applications to determine the accurate measurement of any construction project like a tall building.  Not only buildings, it is also used to measure the height of the trees in the forestry. In short, whenever you need something to measure the elevation of slopes, so, a Clinometer is an instrument you need to remember. India Tools & Instruments Co., being the most successful Clinometer Manufacturers has different types of instruments to offer at the pocket-friendly price.

 ClinometerIts use is not only limited to forestry or surveying, but also have high demand in the meteorologists, where it helps to measure the heights of the cloud. With the help of this instrument, meteorologist accurately predicts the weather conditions. It’s not a new device, it has been used since the 20s and is very much ideal to measure the height and distance in an accurate manner. As they relate to the slope of the building, so, they are very much helpful in measuring the different angles. Now with the upgradation of the technology, it comes in a digital way.

It has an inbuilt sensor that generates artificial horizon that helps to measure the distance or height accurately even with the sensitivity. Being the most ingenious Rockwell Hardness Tester Manufacturers, we design and develop the instrument in different design options. Dial our number directly to speak with our executives or drop by your email. We will reply to all your queries as soon as we can.

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