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Find Excellence With The Precision Measuring Instruments To Determine The Quality Of The Engineering Tools

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Find Excellence With The Precision Measuring Instruments To Determine The Quality Of The Engineering Tools

India Tools & Instruments Co. is not just a name, over the period of 42 years we have become a brand that has gained success in designing, manufacturing and delivering high precision measuring instruments to the global industries. From the beginning of the company, we have come a long way, since 1975. We began with the fabrication of the highly precise tools and evolved into more complex forms to give our customers utmost satisfaction with the price. The ongoing production and development of the products have unmatchable quality.

We live in the environment that has challenged the ultimate chances in the world. We have an extensive range of comprehensive measuring products that answers your industrial challenges at various scales and technologies. We are the most promising Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers in the national and international areas that have set their roots, deep in manufacturing a product range for industries that need high precision devices. We have a huge team of technicians and engineers that have made the dreams come true using the highly advanced technologies to challenge the changes.

We Have An Extensive Range Of The Products For The Industries:-

  • Roughness Tester: As the name of the device describes, the main function of the device is to test the roughness of the surface of the material. The products we offer are; high in performance, have bespoke design and are productive. The products are safe, reliable and durable to use in the industrial application. The device is manufactured with accurate dimensions for effective performance and flawless results.
  • Thickness Gauge: The range of thickness gauge includes Coating Thickness Gauge and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. They are most extensively used to measure the precision and properties of the material, whether if it is best suited for the given application. The device has an auto on-off function and also has the auto-reading function. Made with the latest technologies, it is portable and suitable for one-handed operation.
  • Measuring Microscope: From the huge range of the optical measuring instruments, measuring microscope is the device that has the custom design option as per the requirement of the industrial application. They are most widely used in shops and laboratory for research and development, quality control and inspection of any material.
  • Hardness Tester: Testing the hardness of any material becomes easy with the hardness testing devices offered by us. We have three types of hardness tester in our store – Integrated Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester, and Portable Hardness Tester. The device is damage resistant and requires minimal maintenance. You can test the sample with the device at any angle and even upside down.
  • Vibration Tester: As the name of the device suggests, vibration tester is used to measure the vibration frequency. It is done to introduce a forcing function into a structure usually with the use of a vibration tester. It has the rechargeable battery and its auto on-off function saves battery life for long life operation. It is portable, accurate and allows you to set upper as well as lower limit settings.
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: The device is used to record and display the echo pattern using the ultrasonic testing. Sound waves are generally of high frequency that is reflected from flaws and generates clear echo pattern which can be recorded with the help of the device. It is small, light in weight and compact in size.
  • Harness Testing Equipment: We have equipment that gives precision level results that are reliable and dependable. The highly affordable and user-friendly designed product is used in wide industries that don’t require frequent maintenance. It is high in strength and completely productive in every manner.

We are the most renowned Rockwell Hardness Tester Manufacturers in the global market area. We are known for making the world better with the high-quality products. We are rooted in nature and technologies that are dependable and reliable.

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