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India Tools & Instruments Co. Makes Precision Measuring Instruments Affordable, Accessible & Applicable For Everyone

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India Tools & Instruments Co. Makes Precision Measuring Instruments Affordable, Accessible & Applicable For Everyone

An industry that requires precision instruments for diverse applications knows the importance of 100% accuracy. Poor testing equipment and processes can harm you to a great extent, to save your workplace from such deteriorate devices; India Tools & Instruments Co. is the most prominent Thickness Gauge Manufacturers for delivering excellence. We are the global source that has a wide assortment of testing equipment for all the measurement parameters. Since 1975, we have reached to the global markets with the wide range of thickness gauges among various other products. Our success is founded on the vision of providing highly affordable testing machines that do everything simply, rather than simply everything.

Testing tools implements the most complicated functions for completely accurate and reliable results. The aim of our quality policy is to offer advanced, reliable and value for money products to our privileged customers. Our mission is to detect every single flaw to achieve “zero defects” target. We always endeavor to satisfy our customers so we set our quality standards high to let every instrument pass through various quality checks before reaching your door.

Our Huge Range Of Products Includes:-

  • Roughness Tester: Rough surfaces wear off more quickly than the smoother surfaces, so they are tested precisely in industries to estimate the working efficiency of overall material. As the name of the device suggests, roughness tester is used to test the surface of various materials in different industries. The portable device is capable of working separately from any main power and taking measurements from any sized material. The device quickly determines the surface texture and shows the depth of the same as well as its value in adequate unit. It is non-destructive in nature and easy to operate for the accurate measurements. You can get the results on the screen with zero defects.
  • Thickness Gauge: The device is used throughout various industries for measuring the thickness of the coatings or simply the thickness of any material without causing any harm to the sample. From the wide range of thickness gauges, you can choose the device as per your application requirement. We offer Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and Coating Thickness Gauge that are made with the high grade raw material and latest technology. The device ensures the quality of the testing sample without causing any destruction to the material. It also helps to identify the repainting spots, hidden damages, body paint thickness, etc. for different purposes. The ultrasonic thickness gauge uses ultrasonic waves to measure the thickness of any surface. You name it and we make everything possible to measure with the device.
  • Infrared Thermometer: Infrared light works like the visible light which can be focused, reflected and absorbed easily. The thermometer doesn’t work alike normal ones i.e. you are not required to keep the device in contact of the material being measured. You can measure temperatures between -60° C to 1800° C with the device while focusing it onto the object using the lens. The object should get measured from 1 inch distance for more accurate results. Thanks to its targeting light that gives precise results even without contacting the measuring substance. You can determine the temperature of desired surface area with 100% accuracy and without causing any destruction. Any surface could be measured whether it is wood, paper, metal, plastic or anything else.
  • Hardness Tester: Hardness of any material defines the mechanical resistance of any material either metallic or non metallic. As the name of the device depicts, it measures the hardness of the material to analyze its mechanical strength. In context of the basic research, the hardness tester determines the characteristic values of the material which is crucially important for assessing the industrial use of the same. There is a wide range of hardness tester which is used as per the application material being used. We offer three advanced types of hardness testers as being the high-tech Hardness Tester Manufacturers that includes Integrated Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester, and Portable Hardness Tester.

You can get more products at our website for your industry. We offer great products for precise results at the right values.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your company profile?

Established in the year 1975, India Tools & Instruments Co. has successfully catered to various industrial sectors. Under the ownership of Mr. Ojus Azad, the company has also acquired Government Purchase Enlistment Certificate for its vast range of industrial products such as Thickness Gauge, Optical Measuring Instruments, Harness Testing Equipment, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Light Illuminator, Scientific Apparatus, Infrared Thermometer, NDT Equipment, Cutting Tools, Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Precision Spirit Level, Clinometer, Engineering Tools, Roughness Tester, and Vibration Tester. The company is also enlisted as one of the prominent Industrial Tools & Instruments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from India. 

What is your mission?

The mission is to higher the standards of quality of Optical Measuring Microscope and deliver precision measuring instruments to various industrial sectors. To fulfill the same, constant efforts are made to innovate a better product.

Why is Optical Measuring Microscope demanded in the market?

The Optical Measuring Microscope is designed by experts to ensure precision at respective application. The huge demand is also due to attributes such as compact design, precise engineering, easy to use, and resistance to conditions favoring corrosion. In addition to this, the Optical Measuring Microscope is also available at market leading prices and delivery within the stipulated timeframe.

How can I order for Optical Measuring Microscope?

To place the order for Optical Measuring Microscope, you can send in your query thru ‘Contact Now’ form available on the website. In addition to this, you can also reach us at 2/18, Tawa Lane, Off. Abdul Rehman Street, Unity House, 1st Floor, Office No. 7, P.O. Box No. 3264, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400003, India. The ‘Contact Us’ page also has relevant information to contact to place an order for Optical Measuring Microscope.

What makes you rank amidst the best Optical Measuring Microscope MANUFACTURERS?

India Tools & Instruments Co. firmly believes in delivering unsurpassed quality Optical Measuring Microscope, manufactured under the supervision of experts. Expertise in manufacturing & design, and cost-effective service to clients have also made us highly popular in market. In addition to this, we also ensure doorstep delivery at competitive pricing. Our customer centric approach have also helped us rank amidst the best Optical Measuring Microscope MANUFACTURERS in India.

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