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Rubber Hardness Tester

Rubber Hardness Tester

Since back in 1975, India Tools & Instruments Co. is well known for delivering best quality products as being the Rubber Hardness Tester manufacturers in the national and the international market area. We design every product carefully hand built and undergo a rigorous quality check to ensure they will be capable of meeting the high expectations of the customers. Our mission is providing maximum satisfaction to our customers with the high quality and at reasonable prices.

The Digital Rubber Hardness Tester is used to test the surface of non-metallic rubber materials with the use of an indenter. The load applied to the material creates depths with the indenter at different levels. The device is coated with the non-corrosive material so that you can use the product for a long period with less wear and tear. We continue to grow about product range as per the demands and requirements of the customers and application wide areas.

Being the Rubber Hardness Tester suppliers and exporters in India and across the global marketplace, we are living near the innovative technology to maintain the freshness and the performance of the products in the industrial applications. We have highly efficient customer care services for the ease of doing business. Give us a call now on given phone number and we will get you deliver the products to your home shortly.

Robust Features Of Rubber Hardness Tester:-

  • Large LCD screen for better results
  • High standard quality product
  • Agile performance
  • Corrosion resistance surface
  • Digital numbers for more precise results

Used For Measuring Hardness Of:

  • Rubber Products
  • Polymers
  • Thermoplastics
  • Hard Boards
  • Wood
  • And other non-standard materials

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